Bright Forest is the UK partner for  NUR-HOLZ mass-timber panels from the German Black Forest. Mass-timber, or Brettstapel is superior to other building methods in many respects. NUR-HOLZ is completely prefabricated from slow grown natural timber and uses a patented wooden dowel system to laminate the timber together.

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Benefits of building with NUR-HOLZ mass timber:

  • Low operating costs due to great thermal insulation
  • Heat protection in the summer, warm in the winter
  • Only one material – NUR-HOLZ from natural wood
  • Low cost of acquisition
  • Carbon positive due to CO2 bound up in the wood
  • Energy-efficient passive house levels
  • Short building time using pre-fabrication
  • Suited for people who suffer from allergies
  • No harmful construction materials are used
  • High levels of sound insulation
  • Highest fire protection rating
  • High level of safety in case of earthquakes
  • Absolute freedom in the design of your building
  • Innovative joining element – solid wooden screw
  • Fully recyclable construction
  • Lower stress levels scientifically proven
  • Heart beat reduction whilst inside the building
  • Greater life expectancy in wooden houses
  • Class rooms from mass timber increase vagal activity

NUR-HOLZ elements are completely free of glue, metal and other substances, since they are made exclusively of untreated natural wood.

NUR-HOLZ family home in Bavaria, Germany
NUR-HOLZ detail – wall section
opening for the switches
All the needed socket holes and installation shafts are already fitted in the factory.

See how quick it´s built up:



picture copyrights:  Rombach Bauholz + Abbund GmbH or Bright Forest Limited

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