Co-housing, custom- and self build

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We are committed to help co-housing, custom- and self build groups in achieving their goals. In Germany we have a lot of so called Baugruppen, where a bunch of likeminded people come together to build their own homes. We learnt, that it´s much easier for a group, not to start from scratch but have a kind of development structure in place, so that the self-build part is more manageable.

When you want to be part in one of our upcoming developments, please get in contact. Also, when you have already a group, but stuck somehow and need some cheer up 😉

The benefits of working with us are:

  • access to extensive development knowledge

  • access to a truly sustainable and breathable building material with thermal mass, also combinable with rammed earth from site and other local products

  • quick realisation of the shell structure (usual time needed up to 9 month – with NUR-HOLZ mass timber only up to 1 month for a co-housing site and 1 day for a normal family home)

  • experienced team

  • truly sustainable slow grown timber from the German black forest (same distance to South England like from Scotland)

  • prefabricated in our factory in Oberharmersbach

  • achieving a home which is zero carbon from the outset and energetically beyond Passivhaus

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NUR-HOLZ factory in 77784 Oberharmersbach – Germany



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